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Raffle Prizes!
Raffle Prizes!
Earn free raffle tickets all day long. Each raffle ticket gives you one chance to win the grand prize at the next Happy Hour. Happy Hours occur 5 times per day! You can tell when it is Happy Hour by a small beer glass icon that will appear on the pub tab.
Happy Hour!
At variuois unspecified and random times during each Happy Hour raffle tickets are drawn and players can win various prizes including brew cash. During each happy hour one lucky player will win a drawing for the GRAND PRIZE. The prize is cash, pure and simple, and not just beer money, but brew cash! The size of the prize is fixed based on the number of eligible players in the pub at the time of the drawing, $100 in brew cash will be given away to the lucky winner for every eligible player in the pub at the time of the drawing up to a maximum of $500 in brew cash. So whenever 5 or more players with at least one raffle ticket are in the pub then the Happy Hour prize will be $500 in brew cash. Five times a day!
And there is more folks... if the number of eligible tickets in the pub ever reaches 100... the raffle prize cap rises to $1000. That means ten people in the pub with at least one ticket and at least 100 tickets total will result in one lucky person winning $1000 in brew money.
To be eligible for the raffle prize you have to have at least one raffle ticket. Raffle tickets cost nothing and are given away all day long. Every time you limit on another player's label while active in the pub you will be awarded one free raffle ticket that is good for 1 chance to win the grand prize at the next Happy Hour. You also get a raffle ticket when you drink a brand new beer label that you have never tried before. Lastly raffle tickets are given away during special events. The more raffle tickets you collect the more chances you have to be the lucky prize winner. But remember that the raffle drawing is done at a random time during each Happy Hour and you must be present to win. If you get there too late then all tickets are discarded and you have to earn new ones for the next Happy Hour. In the event that no eligible players are online during any particular Happy Hour and the prize is not awarded then everybody's tickets will be saved for the next one.
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