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Making & Selling Beer (Part 1)

Choose a label and a style...

    Getting Started
  1. Select the 'Brew Beer" tab. You should see the note "Equipment is clean and ready to go…" If you see a notice about cleaning then the brewing equipment was recently used and you will need to wait about an hour to use it again.

  2. If you are using a Home Brew Kit then you will have to have $30 in beer money saved to take the next step. Players with larger breweries should instead make sure that they have sufficient supplies by visiting the "Stock tab." When first starting out you will be provided with enough materials to make several batches of beer. Do not spend all of your brewery money buying more supplies at this point! You will need that money to pay for utilities and miscellaneous costs during the batch. The remainder of these instructions will be directed toward players with full size breweries, Home Brew Kit brewing is almost identical and generally simpler.

  3. Choose one of your beer labels from the pulldown menu and press the button to start. You will be asked to confirm your beer selection. If you have not yet created a beer label then you will be shown links to the label credit page. You must have created a beer label to brew beer unless you are using a Home Brew Kit.

Creating a recipe and grain bill

    Create Grain Bill
  1. If you start to brew beer and have not yet created an appropriate recipe then you will be given links to your recipe page.

  2. It is very important to understand what style of beer you are going to brew. Here is your chance to test your knowledge as a real world brewer and to apply it in the game. The left side of your recipe and grain bill has a brief description of the beer label and style that you have selected.

  3. On the right side of the tab are a list of your recipes and ingredients. Click to 'create a new recipe' and add ingredients from the pull down boxes. You must click the '+' button after selecting an ingredient from the box. Similarly, to change or remove an ingredient you must select it from the pull down and then hit the '-' button to actually remove it from the grain bill. You will not be able to save your recipe until it contains enough of each of the required ingredients. There are also optional ingredients such as finishing hops and flavors that should be used if your style of beer requires them. Grayed out (unavailable) ingredients will be unlocked for you as you gain experience and play the game. If you make a mistake then you can clear the recipe sheet at anytime by pressing the 'clear' button.

  4. Some premium ingredients will cost a little bit more than similar generic ingredients, the actual additional cost will be shown to you during the brewing process.

  5. If you feel a little daunted at this point about what to put into your beer then just wing it. You will be guided to a recipe that will make beer… guaranteed. It just might have a lower quality than you will be able to make if you know what ingredients to select.

  6. When you are happy with your recipe and ready to start brewing then remember to save your recipe with the 'save' button. Once your recipe is done then return to the game page to brew your beer.

Making & Selling Beer (Part 2)

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