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Professional Associations
Professional Associations

Brewers learn from each other all the time, this website and other sites dedicated to brewing are proof enough of that. The game now rewards players for working together and collaborating by creating formal 'Associations' between players. Associations give a quality boost to your beer. There are three ways to create an 'Association' between yourself and a fellow player/brewer:

If you are contract brewing then you are clearly collaborating, if you go to a brewer's keg party and stay awhile then there is little doubt that you will talk shop together, and lastly if you get blitzoid drunk together... well, you might not remember much but you are likely to become friends for life thereafter. Why? ...well to prevent either of you from blackmailing the other about what you actually did that night of course!

The other important bit about become professional associates is that newer brewers will learn more from more experienced brewers but everyone gets something out of the deal. New brewers try stuff, sometimes stupid stuff perhaps, but experimentation can result in new information for everybody. In the game the value of your Association to other brewers is expressed as a number from 0-10, 0 if you have not brewed anything yet, and 10 if your average label quality score is currently above 950. Click the image below to see where you can find Associations on the game tab.


Here's an example... Let's say that I have an average label quality of 500 and you have an average label quality of 685. My 'Advice score' will be +5 and yours will be +7. When we become Associates I will get up to a +7 quality increase to every batch that I brew while the Association is active and you will get +5. Quality never goes down in this system so even collaborating with a +1 player gives you something.

You can enter into a professional association with as many players as you like but there is a cap on the quality gain, also if your batch quality score is already very high then the association benefit will fall back in magnitude accordingly. Beer quality cannot exceed 1000 in this game no matter what. Associations last 24 hours from the point they are earned and the quality score is granted at the time that you move your beer to the fermenter. So even if an Association expires during the 24 hour fermentation period you will still retain the benefit.

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