That Brewery Game
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Active players, brewers, and labels

The leaderboards or 'Top xx Lists' on this site only include information for active players, brewers, and labels. An active player is someone who has logged in at least once in the last week, an active brewer has a label with at least one beer available for sale, and an active label has at least one beer available for sale.

We do this to reward players who visit often and keep their stocks up to date. The somewhat unusual consequence however can be that the leaderboards can change size and shape dramatically at times. So for example if a dedicated player goes away on vacation and cannot play then after one week their name will no longer appear on the leaderboard. When they come back all of their previous data is saved and so they can once again appear and might jump right to the top of the boards, if you are just starting and haven't seen this player before you might think they are cheating, that is certainly not the case. They have just been restored to their former glory.

So what should I do when I go on vacation?

Brew as much beer beforehand as you can so that it lasts as long as possible. And then have a good time on your trip! All your former glory is restored when your labels are reactivated, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.

I am #1! How come my beer dissappeared from the top 10 list?

It is pretty common for a popular beer label to suddenly dissapear from the top 10 list, the brewer is out of stock. And while this can be frustrating at times we encourage you to think of it in terms of precious retail shelf space. If you run out of inventory then your label becomes essentially invisible to your customers until you restock the shelf. Same thing happens in the game, your labels are not changed, nothing is taken away from you, you just become invisible until you restock.

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