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Personalized banners

Personalized banners

Special thanks to Scartron for suggesting that I make banners available for players to copy and use on other websites. Personalized banners are here!

The images above are customized for your brewery and all of your labels and ready for you to use. I have included a few of Scartron's banners here as an example. Here's what this means... you now have access to the code that lets you take these images away from TBG and show them off on your own web pages, inside forum signatures, or on your comments and posts at other social and brewing related websites. The data is updated about once every 24 hours so once installed they will always keep up and change with your progress in the game. To access the banners look for the 'My Banners' button on your My Page tab.

Now the bad news, I have (or had) a functioning BBCode parser for comments posted on this site and it worked fine on the old server. I guess it broke when we moved to this server and I didn't notice it because it wasn't used. Bottom line is that these banners (the BBCode version) temporarily do not yet work for posts on TBG. There is some kind of conflict with this server's security features. This is on my bug list for something to fix... I have tested these banners on a couple of other sites and forums and they work great! so its just us. So feel free to use them elsewhere!

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