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Buying beer
Can't be bothered to read? Video How to Play: Buying & Drinking Beer

This images shows the parts of the webpage that you need to use to buy beer...

buying beer

You can buy beer for yourself or for other people (on the pub floor). Buying beer is easy, first make sure that your beer glass is empty (see image above) and that you have enough beer money to buy a beer. Beer money is like pocket money and can only be used to buy a few things such as beer and food at the pub or to pick up supplies for brewing with a home brew kit. If you don't have enough money to buy another beer then try farming which is the easiest way to make more.

When you have the beer money and your glass is empty all you need to do is select a label from the drop down list and click the "Buy another beer" button and your order will be placed. It will take the bar keeper a few seconds to pour your beer and you will be given messages as to the status of your order. The barkeep in our pub is pretty efficient though and you will usually have a frosty cold one quick as you please.

Beer labels

So which beer label should you pick? Well that is entirely up to you of course! Your choices will change periodically based on a number of factors. Registered users will get a much larger selection from which to choose. Most of the beer labels are created by other players although there are a few 'stock beers' that we keep on hand for when supplies of premium beers are low. The beers in the list are sorted randomly and every pint costs the same regardless of source (except for kit beers). The numbers in parantheses are the alcohol content of the label. To find another player's beer (while they are in the pub) simply click on their name to get a list of their available beers.

Kit beers

If you have registered and made your own beer from a kit then it will show up in the list when you refresh the page after you finish brewing. Your kit beer is the only beer that you make that you can drink yourself without a penalty and its free, you already bought the ingredients and did the hard part! You can only drink other player's kit beers while in the pub, they do not appear in the drop down menu. To find another player's kit beer simply click on their name while they are in the pub and if they have any kit beer available then you will find it alongside their other labels. Kit beers sold between players cost $1 beer money and earn the brewer $1 brew money.

Buying beer for other people

When you are on the pub floor you have the option of buying beer for other people. Just look at the beer glass next to the player's name and when it is empty click on it. You can't choose what to buy them... you can only buy them another round of their current selection. Mouse over their beer glass to see what they were drinking most recently.

Buying your own beer

Yes you can buy your own beer! However be warned that when you buy your own beer you will get it at the "owner discount" price of $1 per pint rather than the usual $4 per pint. This means that you spend only $1 in beer money but you also only get $1 in brewery money for the purchase. Do this too often and your brewery will go bankrupt. So try instead to sell your beer to other people... talk 'em up at the bar and convince them to switch, you can do it! You can drink your own kit beer for free.

2 comments found.
1) Beer Wench on June, 15 2011 8:36 PM
I noticed that now when someone else is drinking your beer and you buy them one that you get paid full price. That is better than the way it was before and the way you describe it above.
2) Robc on June, 15 2011 9:42 PM
Ahhh... so sorry Beerwench but that is a bug from the last update and it will be corrected. If we let it stand the way it is then there is too much incentive to try and game the system. So whether buying, selling, giving, or receiving... you will always be discounted when buying your own beer.