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"Brew beer... Drink beer... Play!"
Can't be bothered to read? Video How to Play: Buying & Drinking Beer

This images shows the parts of the webpage that you need for farming...


What's this about farming? Why do I want to do farming on a brewery game? This is not Facebook's Farmville after all! Well, there are a couple of reasons to farm... first and foremost perhaps is that farming is the easiest way to make beer money, and you need beer money to buy beer! 'nuff said.

The second most important reason to farm is that you are supplying barley (to be made into barley malt) and hops to either yourself or to other players so that they can make more beer! While the brewers in this game are never required to pick up a shovel and dig, they can get their brewing supplies substantially cheaper if you farm for them and ship directly to the breweries.

If you like collecting, then farming is also a great way to add to your collections! Plowing the land can dredge up all sorts of stuff. You can collect beer caps, beer bottles, and cans too from beers that are made all around the world. Our farm fields have been visited by many people from many countries and there are thousands of different beer items to collect, oh and some other junk too... but what can you do.

Farming is simple. Watch crops grow. When they mature and are ready to harvest (see image above) click on them to harvest them into a bag. When you have at least one bag the crops can be shipped and sold for beer money up to the maximum ($50).

When you first start the game the 'Barley field' will be loaded up by default, if you want to harvest hops instead then click on the links near the 'Choose crop' label in the image above. The large number below the farm field tells you how full your next bag is... keep farming until it reaches 100% and then you will be able to ship it out and get paid! Each crop fills up the bag at a different rate and has a different payout price.

If you don't choose to ship your crops to a specific brewery then they will be sold to the 'grain dealer' and you will still get paid the same, but why not help out your fellow brewers instead? Only registered and logged in players can ship their farm products to a brewery, casual visitors must sell everything to the grain dealer by default.

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