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Going bankrupt

You will go bankrupt when your brew cash is below zero immediately after making a batch of beer.

In bankruptcy all of your remaining brewing supplies are sold (liquidated) at rock bottom prices to pay off your debt. Any remaining funds are deposited back into your account for use on future batches. Ten percent of your last batch of beers are also taken away to pay the banker's liquidation fees.

Tip: A common early mistake is to buy too many supplies and not leave enough funds in your account to cover heating and miscellaneous costs for your next batch. Always make sure you have enough brew cash on hand before brewing a new batch. You may have to wait for beer sales to catch up but doing so will save you money in the long run. Bankruptcy is very expensive and should be avoided.

Another tip... avoid paying full price for brewing materials, order them in advance and wait for players to farm materials and send them to you. You can farm your own materials without any penalty also if you are willing to take the time. If you start brewing beer and don't have sufficient supplies on hand then they will be rushed to you so you can continue brewing but at exorbitant prices. If you pay full price for materials and later go bankrupt then you will lose a great deal of money when those materials are liquidated and you may not be able to save your brewery.

Help! I have no more money to brew and I am sinking deeper in debt.

This game can be rough on the beginning player, if you find yourself in a sitution where you bank account is in the red and you can't pre-order supplies and your next batch will barely get you out of the hole well don't despair. I have bailed out many a new player who didn't realize the need to conserve their early brew cash and I will take care of you too, just speak up. I think every new player who wants to pull themselves back up by their bootstraps should be given a second chance, so if I see you struggling with low funds at the start of the game I may intervene and get you started again.

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1) pdxbrewer on April, 20 2013 7:04 PM
I went bankrupt brewing my first batch. I didn't realize I already had ingredients and ordered some more. Please help to pull me out of the red.
2) Robc on April, 21 2013 10:55 PM
Hey pdx,
Sorry I was slow this weekend to pick up messages. But looks like you pulled yourself out of the red without me! Good work! Bankruptcy slows you down but does not prevent you from getting back in the black again real quick.
3) gray75th on March, 21 2014 7:04 PM
It will not let me log into the forum with my username and password. Please let me know what i need to do.
4) npray on August, 15 2014 8:54 PM
I can't seem to get ahead since i went bankrupt
5) Robc on August, 15 2014 9:49 PM
Not to worry, I gave you a little boost npray that should get you back on the road to full solvency again.
6) EvilDrFoetus on May, 6 2016 10:57 AM
"You can farm your own materials without any penalty"

Little confused by this, there's no option on the farm screen, so I placed an order with the aim of filling it myself, almost went bankrupt. Only then could I send materials to myself, and still had to "pay" (it just converted brew money to beer money, which wasn't helpful".

Pretty annoyed as I was close to a new upgrade, other than saving time waiting for another player to fill the order for you there's no benefit to filling it yourself, which isn't what's implied by the help page.

6 comments found.