That Brewery Game
"Brew beer... Drink beer... Play!"
Quick Play Instructions
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Can't be bothered to read? Video How to Play: Buying & Drinking Beer

To Make Beer Money

  1. The easiest way to make beer money is to farm for it. Click on the crops on the "Harvest" tab until the bag is full then ship it out. You will be paid in beer money. While farming you may find collectible beer paraphernalia for beer brands from around the world. If a brewery has ordered brewing supplies then you will have the option of shipping your harvest directly to a brewery.

  2. You can also make beer money by finding coins in the pub or clicking on the couch to collect coins trapped in the cushions. While in the pub you can play mini-games, make friends, chat with others, buy beer and food for other people and generally have a good time. Click on the pub floor to move around.

To Drink Beer

  1. Select a label from the pull down menu and then press the "Buy Another Beer" button. Click on the label or brewer image under the "Label" tab to learn more about the beer and brewer.

  2. It takes time to drink a pint of beer, visit the pub to get food to shorten the time and then drink more beer!

  3. When you buy a beer your "Beer money" is converted to "Brew money" that the beer maker can use to make more beer or upgrade their brewery.

To Make Brew Money

  1. Make and Sell Beer. (and try for raffle prizes in the pub!)

To Make and Sell Beer

  1. Buy beer label credits at the Online Store and create a beer label, or just brew with the Home Brew Kit to get a feel for the game. You will have to earn $30 dollars in beer money first to start brewing kit beer.

  2. Every registered player gets 1 free beer label credit so take advantage of it to try the brewing game.

  3. If not using a kit then create a label by selecting one of 24 styles of beer, you may optionally name and describe your beer and upload a custom image for the label.

  4. Select the "My Page" and then the "My Recipes" tab and create a recipe then return to the "Game" tab

  5. Select the "Brew Beer" tab and just follow the on screen instructions for making beer. After bottling, select the "Pub" tab and talk people into buying your beer.

  6. You will be given sufficient supplies and brew cash to make a couple of batches of beer to start, later you will have to manage your barley malt, hops, and yeast supply on the "Stock" tab.

More Info and Getting Started

More Info on Buying Beer
More Info on Farming for Beer Money
More Info on Making and Selling Beer (part1)

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Going to the top!

TBG is not a fast paced game, the patient brewer does best. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that to do well in this game you really should spend time in the pub, it is far more than a glorified chat room. Read more about the importance of the pub for a winning strategy at the link.

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