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Customizing your brewery & labels

Marketing professionals know that an important way to increase sales is to make your product stand out from the crowd. The game gives you the tools to make it happen. You can customize your brewery or your labels from edit buttons on the "My Page" tab.

After selecting the edit button you will be taken to a form that allows you to include all sorts of custom information about your brewery and label. We are strict about acceptable brewery names and labels, you can read more about that at this post, A word about names and images.

To answer a frequently asked question from our players: the Show my real brewery information please! check box does not do anything sinister like reveal your email address or personal information. What it does do is allow the information that you provide in the remainder of the form to appear to other players when they click on your brewery links. Your brewery will also be provided with the tagline "(Your brewery name here) is a real brewery where real people make beer! Go to (your brewery link) link for more info." The choice of including your email or other real brewery information is entirely up to you.

In this post we are going to talk about customizing your brewery and beer labels by uploading images, after all a great beer label sells beer, even bad beer, unfortunately. But put a great beer together with a great beer label and you will have yourself a winner.

To upload a custom label image click on the "Upload New Image" button*. After clicking the button you will next need to check off that you have read the terms and conditions and supplemental information for uploading images which includes technical information, acceptable formats and sizes for uploads, as well as some logistics on image approval and disclaimers. When your image has been succesfully uploaded you will see an empty box appear in the custom label images list at the top of the page. You may return to the game or upload additional images up to your limit.

You may upload a maximum of 1 image per label, so if you have used label credits to create 3 labels then you may upload 3 label images. You do not have to have a separate image for each label, if you wish to use the same image, for example your brewery logo, on multiple labels then you need upload that image only once and just assign it to multiple labels.

Our staff will review your uploaded images and will normally approve them within 24 hours (on rare occasions longer, up to several days).

Custom label images do not automatically attach themselves to your labels, you must return to the "My Page" tab and attach your custom images to each label. Approved label images will appear as a thumbnail in place of the empty boxes in the custom image list and will be available for your use when editing labels. To use a custom label image simply select to change the label image and choose the image name from the pulldown list.

After you attach your approved label image to a label it should start to appear whereever your label is seen in the game and on the various websites associated with the game with the caveat that some images may not appear immediately because of internet caching (Google it).

The discussion to this point has concentrated on label images, brewery images are handled almost exactly the same except that only one image at a time may be uploaded. If you upload a new brewery image then it will replace the old image (after approval). Please do not change your brewery image too often or we may have to withdraw the privilege. We are a small, make that tiny, company with few staff to handle the approvals, thank you! Also there is no separate attachment step for brewery images, custom brewery images will start appearing soon after they are approved.

It is very important to remember that label and brewery images and names become part of our player collections and will be here whether you keep playing the game or not.

* If you don't see the "Upload New Image" button then you have probably reached the maximum number of images that you can upload. At this time we do not have a means for you to delete or replace existing uploaded label images, if you must do so then please contact us by email with your request.

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