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A word about names & images

We are strict about acceptable label names and images. That's because new players and visitors will judge us by the names and images that are prominently displayed, and we want lots of new players to join up. To that end we reserve the right to remove or change any image that you upload or name that you submit for any reason whatsoever. We will work with you to find a compromise before taking any such drastic measures. For information about customizing your brewery and labels go to Customizing your brewery and labels.

Label names and images must be unique, and appropriate for a beer label by our judgment. Furthermore, they must not simply be a re-statement of the beer style, and they must not be, contain, or incorporate trade names from existing beers on the market unless you can prove that you own the trademark.

The first rule in particular trips people up, because for example: "Summer Ale" and "Oktoberfest Ale" are not acceptable label names. They simply state a common beer style. An acceptable alternative is "Jim Bob's Summer Ale" which specifies more than just the style.

Also unacceptable would be "Pete's Summer Ale" because Pete's (any style) is likely to infringe on Pete Slosberg's beer franchise. "Pete's" represents an existing brewing company and unless you own that company we cannot allow the use of the trade name here.

As for images please use common sense and the guideline that images should be appropriate for a commercial beer label or at least a label that might be submitted to a competition or shared. Here is an example of a label image that was requested by a player and not accepted because the Jolly Roger is associated with poison and would never be used as a commercial beer label.

Furthermore, proposed images that in our opinion are strickly designed for their shock value, especially when they depict real people will not be approved so don't waste our time or yours. Here are more examples of images submitted by players that were not approved. If you are thinking of submitting something similar then think again.

unnacceptable label image unnacceptable label image unnacceptable label image unnacceptable label image

Brewery names and images are subject to the same rules. If you own a brew pub then we encourage you to upload an image of your brew pub in action. But we discourage you from including images with real photographs of patrons or people unless you have expressly obtained their permission to show their photos in perpetuity on the internet in this context. In accordance with our terms you have the responsibility to obtain those permissions.

Capitalization. Please do not use all caps in your brewery or label names, we will change it. We make an exception for initials, eg. "LBJ's Brewery" is acceptable. First caps of the type (MyBestBrewery or My Best Brewery) are encouraged.


Names and images may be removed or modified at any time without notice to the player.

Thank you for understanding.

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