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Keg Parties
Everybody loves a Kegger!
Keg parties release label limits!
Tired of people hitting the limits on your labels? Throw a keg party! I can't think of anything more fun to the avid beer drinker than going to a good old fashioned kegger. Our version of the keg party lasts for one hour and the brewer who throws it has no limits on any of their labels while it lasts. Anyone who comes to the pub while you are throwing a kegger can quaff your beer till they drop. Keep shoveling food at them and your beer will disappear from the cooler fast! And to help get even more people to your kegger the game will toss out random prizes to everyone that is active in the pub during the party.

Here are the particulars:

  • You must be a registered player with an active label
  • You must install a 'Party Room' for 1 label credit, The room will stay with you when you upgrade your brewery
  • To install a party room go to 'My Brewery' and hit the Party Room button.
  • For each party you are required to pay the party brew bucks fee which varies by pub level
  • Keg parties eliminate the limit for all of your beer labels while the party is underway
  • All food is half price during a kegger
  • The player throwing a keg party gets 10 free raffle tickets
  • Every player who buys one of your beers during a keg party gets 1 free raffle ticket per beer purchased
  • Keg parties can be thrown only once every 3 days
  • Keg parties last for 1 hour and you must stay active in the pub (not afk) or the party stops
  • Any number of players can throw a party at the same time, work together for a blow out!
  • The server randomly gives away prizes to players in the pub while a party is underway!
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT throw a keg party until you have sufficient stocks of beer to sell!
  • IMPORTANT: DO NOT throw a keg party randomly, make sure you have people who will come and drink beer first or you will likely lose money!

The cost of throwing a keg party is shown below (subject to change)...

  • Garage Brewery: 120 brew dollars
  • Micro Brewery: 210 brew dollars
  • Brewery: 300 brew dollars
  • Mega Brewery: 480 brew dollars
Try a new release party. No label limits and 1/2 price beer!

A new release party is a special form of keg party where you can sell beer from your new labels at half price! Well, actually its better than that... your customers pay $2 in beer money but you still collect $4 in brew money. During a new release party anyone buying your new label will pay $2 in beer money for each one... and you still collect the full $4 in brew money. All of the other kegger goodies still apply to the party as well, raffle tickets, door prizes, cheap food, etc.

So what constitutes a new release? Every label you own no matter when you bought it is eligible for one new release party... want to revive a tired old label? Here is your chance!

Keg Party!

To throw a new release party go to your party room page as usual and look for the "New!" button under every one of your labels. Clicking the 'new' button instead of the "Throw Kegger Now" button will launch the special new release party for that label. Note that your new release label is marked as special new release party is on! when players click on your name in the pub, but it would still be a good idea to direct them to drink that particular beer when they join the party or they might miss it, especially if you have a lot of labels.

The fine print... Just like a normal kegger you can only throw one new release party every 3 days... and you can only do this once for every label you own so make sure you have people lined up before doing it or you will waste the opportunity.

2 comments found.
1) riverbottom on October, 27 2012 9:18 AM
just a random....the price from garage to micro jumps $90 - the price from micro to brewery jumps $90 - and from brewery to mega it jumps $180.....shouldnt it be incremental as in 90 - 180- 270? or some such combination? 90- 180 -360?
2) Robc on October, 27 2012 10:21 AM
Good observation river,
The mega brewery was balanced together with the other levels but is exponentially higher in almost all stats. For example production at mega is over 6x higher than production at the brewery level... so the extra increment in kegger costs is actually quite a bit under what it should be... the thinking was that mega breweries will have to hold more keg parties to try and move beer... but they must bring in more players to each party to make them profitable too.

Really though, all of the mega stuff will require a thorough look-through before it is implemented. At current game subscription rates it just cant be justified as a viable level for play. I may have to create something in-between at some point when more players reach the brewery level.