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Style competitions (contests)
Beer Style Competitions

Starting in December 2013 the game includes Beer Style Competitions or "Contests".

Players can submit any active beer label to compete in a contest as long as the label style matches the competition style (you can only submit "Ale" style labels to an "Ale" contest, "Pale Ale" labels are not eligible). The label with the highest score at the close of a contest will earn a blue riboon. This ribbon will adorn that label's image from that point forward and identify the beer as exceptionally high quality.


  • You must be a registered player
  • Label style must exactly match the competition style
  • Labels must be active (not expired) and have beer in stock
  • Label owner must not be an active judge in the current contest. (see judging
  • Label owner must have a minimum of $200 in brew money in their account
  • Contest entry fee is $50 in brew money


  • Entrants starting score is equal to the quality score at the time of entry Subsequent changes in beer quality will not change your starting contest score.
  • Label scores increase with "Judge Points" awarded by Player Judges
  • Label scores will not decrease for the duration of a contest
  • Ties are allowed, tied labels will all receive a ribbon

Contest Schedules

  • Competitions are set in advance by Robc
  • Competitions will typically run for two weeks
  • Individual styles may have more or fewer contests depending on popularity
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1) Robc on February, 16 2014 4:32 PM
As of February 2014 style contests have been modified to eliminate most ties. In the event of a tie in the final judge score then the winner will be selected based on which label had the highest quality score at the time the label was entered into the contest.