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Happy Hour!
Happy Hour!
Happy Hour!
It's Happy Hour 5 times per day! During Happy Hour all label limits are doubled and food prices are cut in half so you can sell twice as much beer twice as fast and drink a hell of a lot more too! You can tell when it is Happy Hour by a small beer glass icon that will appear on the pub tab.
Raffle Prizes!
Oh, and there is more. Raffle prizes! During each Happy Hour one lucky player will win a very nice raffle prize. The prize is cash, pure and simple, and not just beer money, but brew cash! Check out the raffle post for more info.

Here is the Happy Hour schedule

  • UTC:22:00
  • UTC:01:00
  • UTC:04:00
  • UTC:10:00
  • UTC:16:00
  • EDT:6PM
  • EDT:9PM
  • EDT:Midnight
  • EDT:6AM
  • EDT:Noon
  • PDT:3PM
  • PDT:6PM
  • PDT:9PM
  • PDT:3AM
  • PDT:9AM
For US players here is a handy time chart for conversion.
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