That Brewery Game
"Brew beer... Drink beer... Play!"
Pub floor
Can't be bothered to read? Video How to Play: Buying & Drinking Beer
Pub floor

Welcome to your favorite pub! Only in this one we have dispensed with the troublesome tables and chairs so that we can have room for more people. So what is there to do in our pub? Well.. drink beer of course! Buy beer for friends... Buy food for friends... Chat with friends... oh, and occasionally find stuff that is left behind by those who had a few too many.

On the surface the pub looks simple enough... collect spare change (coins) to add to your beer money. Collect pretzels to keep a full tummy... so you drink more and faster! And keep your eye out for those lost car keys... you never know what sort of adventures they can create. Not in to all that excitement? Just want to sit in a quiet corner? Well... keep an eye out for the remote control and then you can watch your favorite sports team or even just a funny cartoon.

I cannot emphasize strongly enough that to do well in this game you really should spend time in the pub, it is far more than a glorified chat room.

Over 90% of your brewing ingredient unlocks will ONLY occur in the pub. Raffle prizes in the pub are a key revenue source for starting brewers. And every veteran player will tell you that beer sales increase more than 10x if you are in the pub because other pub goers would much rather drink your beer than anybody else's. And when you are just starting out selling kit beers (which can only be done in the pub) you will need to find buyers and make acquaintences with other brewers to start earning your precious brew dollars.

Buying beer
Buy beer

You can buy a beer for other players by looking at the beer glass next to the player's name and when it is empty click on it. You can't choose what to buy them... you can only buy them another round of what they are currently drinking. Mouse over their beer glass to see what they were drinking most recently. If you want to drink one of their beers then click on the persons name and you will get a snapshot of their brewery and the labels that they have available for sale. Buying each other's beers is one of the the most important things you can do in the game to advance your brewery and theirs.

Buying food
Buy food
Buying food

Food reduces the time it takes to drink a beer. You cannot buy food for yourself although you can snatch a pretzel or other food item off the floor if you see one. You can buy food for others by clicking the pretzel next to their name. You will get a menu of items that you can buy for that person that shows what items are available and how much they cost. By exchanging food and beer you and the other player can both make money faster and improve your respective breweries!

The couch

In 2014 Clyde introduced 'the couch' which everyone knows is the best place to scrounge for some extra beer money. Just click on it and any money you find will be added to your beer money account. The couch accumulates and stores money faster as you go up in levels. For players with paid labels the couch money goes up while you are offline too!

Drunk and disorderly in the pub

As you drink more and more your avatar and text name will begin to change color from blue to yellow, red, and then purple. Once you reach 'red' or 'purple' (which is very hard to do) you are rewarded with a reduced or eliminated need for food (see 'Purple heart reward' below). Since your own avatar color is always a yellow dude with a hat you have to look at the color of your name on the pub list to see your own drunk status. Here is the progression of colors from less to more drunk.

avatar drunkedness
Purple heart rewards
purple heart

players who drink a lotta lotta beer in the pub may earn the 'purple heart reward'. The purple heart reward grants you a 'permanently fed' status. Nobody can buy you food but then again they won't have to... every beer takes only 1 minute to drink! How cool is that? The game keeps statistics on how many purple hearts you receive and earning them can help unlock some of the more advanced brewing ingredients. Not quite purple yet? No problem, players who are red in the pub will find that the food purchased for them and the pretzels from the floor will last twice as long as usual... that should help you get to purple even faster! You can also use six packs to get you to purple real fast.

purple heart double

Drink half as many beers again as you did to earn the first purple heart and you can double it up. Doing so gets you even closer to unlocking the best brewing ingredients. But remember, to earn single or double purple hearts you must be drinking beer in the pub. You cannot use sixpacks to earn a double purple heart.

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