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Advertising Department
Ready to seriously increase beer sales?

No matter what level brewery you are operating you can always advertise your labels to increase sales. Advertisements appear on various pages throughout the game. Here are the particulars:
  • You must have an active Ad department to place ads
  • You can install an Ad department from your brewery page under the MyPage tab
  • You must have at least one active label to install an Ads Dept.
  • It costs 1 beer label credit to install an advertising department but it will stay with you as you upgrade your brewery
  • Ads are pre-formatted using your label image, label name, and description.
  • Ads are formatted to allow players to either access your label description page or immediately drink one (if their glass is not full)
  • Ads are purchased individually using brew dollars
  • The price of ads fluctuates with the total number of ad slots that have been purchased by all players. Typical prices are from $100 to $1000 brew dollars per 1000 impressions
  • Only one ad per active label can be purchased, you may buy one ad for every label you own.
  • Ads you buy may show on your pages but you will not be charged an impression when your ads appear on your own pages.
  • After any player sees your ad a certain number of times you are no longer charged an impression when it loads on their pages.
  • Your ads may be shown to both registered and non-registered players but you are only charged impressions for registered players.
  • IMPORTANT: To maximize your return on investment wait until your cold storage is full of the label you plan to advertise. Your beer can only be purchased directly from your ad if you have stock available
Note that a rough count of clicks and direct purchases for your advertisement will be kept, these data may not be perfectly accurate as various factors can cause the number of clicks and direct purchases to be higher than the number of ad impressions, for example when an impression is not charged. For this and other reasons your number of clicks may exceed your number of impressions. A click is recorded every time a player clicks the ad and visits your label page and if they click and attempt to buy a beer directly from your ad. A direct purchase is recorded only if they sucessfully purchase a beer directly from your ad (glass not full, inventory available, etc.)
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1) Zymurgist on June, 1 2012 8:29 PM
Definition of a brew day; seven hours and fifty minutes of shear bordom seperated by ten minutes of shear panic!
2) Tools on August, 13 2012 12:43 AM
Definition of a brew minute, usually experienced about 5 minutes after leaving the brewery (or your kitchen if you are a home brewery)

"Oh shit... did I remember to __(fill in blank)___"