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scotch ale extract

Postby riverbottom » Sat Mar 22, 2014 12:49 am

this was by far everyones favorite brew of mine so far.

6.6# golden LME
5.5# light DME

1# british crystal 60L
3oz chocolate malt
4oz belgian aromatic
2oz roasted barley
1oz peated malt

2oz east kent golding

wyeast 1728 scottish ale
CBC-1 bottle conditioning yeast

4oz french oak chips medium toast
Johnny Walker Black
5oz priming sugar
1 whirfloc tablet (or irish moss)

put steeping grains in bag - steep in 3.5 gallons of water until boiling - remove from water and add fermentables and .25oz hops.
boil for 60 mins. after 15 mins add the other 1.75oz hops. add whirfloc tablet at 10 mins. after 60 min boil chill to about 70 degrees - add 1.5 gallons water or whatever you need to make 5 gallons. pitch yeast.
1 week in primary
this yeast is slow and i used temp controller and kept it at the yeasts low range around 57 degrees. for about 10 weeks.
soak oak chips in johnny walker black overnight (i steamed the chips in a double boiler first - put in a bowl and covered with the whiskey) put in a straining bag and add to carboy for 2 weeks (time is optional - taste every now and then till its just a little stronger than you like as it will mellow in the bottle). total fermentation time 13 weeks. i also bumped the temp up 2 degrees each day during the last week until i hit 63 degrees.
bottle as usual using 5oz priming sugar. i also used 1 package of rehydrated CBC-1 bottle conditioning yeast since i planned to keep these for a while. oak flavor mellowed out and tasted great at about 6 month mark.
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