Your first chance to contribute to the new game...

Information on the upcoming design of TBG 2

Your first chance to contribute to the new game...

Postby Robc » Mon Dec 15, 2014 10:15 pm

I hope we can give you many many more opportunities to help shape the game. In the process you will also begin to get an idea what the game will be like...

As part of the early brainstorming sessions for TBG 2 we are looking at having the players manage their own equipment. Please look at the following charts and comment. What steps have we missed? Are any steps unnecessary? Is the division between levels reasonable?

Except for kits, all brew day rigs/setups will require players to purchase individual pieces of equipment for each 'block' in the diagram. Individual pieces of equipment can be upgraded, traded, or sold in a player marketplace and will stay with the player between levels. Higher levels will allow but not require larger/ better equipment for the player to brew.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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