belgian dubbel extract

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belgian dubbel extract

Postby riverbottom » Wed Aug 06, 2014 8:52 pm

5 gallon recipe
extract with specialty grains
o.g. 1.084
f.g. 1.008
alc. 10.6%
ibu: 17

steeping grains:

4 oz belgian aromatic
4 oz belgian special B
4 oz caravienne


1 lb. belgian candi syrup amber (d-45)
1 lb. belgian candi syrup dark (d-90)
8 lb. pale dme


.75 oz tettnanger (60mins)
.75 oz styrian golding (60 mins)
.5 oz saaz (10 mins)


white labs wlp500 trappist ale with a 700 ml starter

steep grains in 3.5 gallons of water until it begins to boil - remove steeping bag and add fermentables and 60 minute hops. boil for 50 minutes and add 10 minute hops. after 60 minutes boil remove from heat - add water to 5 gallons and cool as fast as possible to 64 degrees and pitch yeast starter. primary fermenter for 4-6 days - rack to secondary for 21 days or until final gravity is reached. this yeast was extremely active during the first few days make sure to use a blowoff hose as an airlock will be across the room the next morning.

-i used standard brewing sugar at bottling.
-this took minimum 6 weeks in the bottle at room temperature to really condition to a good flavor. benefits from a long bottle conditioning period.
-if i were to make this again i would only use a half pound of both the candi syrups (possibly use candi sugar instead). a pound of each added a great mix of color and belgian dubbel flavors but it bumped the alcohol way higher than i wanted.
-i also want to experiment with white labs wlp530 abbey ale yeast next time or the wyeast 3522 ardennes strain. would appreciate any feedback on those strains if youve used them.
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