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Postby riverbottom » Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:20 pm

i have an idea for game "improvement" - not so much an improvement as ease-of-operation.

in the pub we have the "label" tab - i dont think many people actually use this (i may be wrong and some diving may be needed to see). but i thought a more useful tab would have access to our conditioning room while still in the pub and be able to release beers without leaving pub and going through "my page" tab.

also i think i may have suggested this before but i dont remember: is it possible to have a drop down at the end of each brew session where we can select our bottle conditioning sugar. its a little bit of an annoyance to go to my brewery tab select the sugar go back to pub and then brew. and then change it back for each batch having to leave the pub every time.

as always, i dont know diddly about programming and how difficult any of this is but i just like to give my 2 cents as an active player.

thanks robc!
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Re: suggestion

Postby Robc » Mon Nov 10, 2014 6:12 pm

I have often looked at the label tab with an eye for using it better. The one thing it does do is provide a nice landing page for people who are just arriving at the game and taking their first look. So that's why it is still there even though I know that active players have no real use for it. Dropping new players on to the pub tab would just confuse them and since that tab requires a fairly hefty download to the browser (only on the first visit) it might turn people off because of the slow page load that would occur on your first visit. Lots of studies show that people faced with a slow loading page on their first visit will often just depart and never come back... I want to avoid that for new visitors.

Access to the conditioning room while on the game page is one of the things I want to do but just haven't gotten around to yet. I will more likely place it on the "Brewery" tab though since that is where I have concentrated the brewery information. Someday I would like to get rid of most of the "My page" stuff and have it all available directly from the game page tab.

I do recall that you (or someone, probably you) asked for some relief on the way bottling sugar is handled. I don't see it on my current things to do list though so I am guessing it was a lower priority for me. I think you should be able to change your bottling sugar every time and do it as part of the basic brewing process. Let me add that to the list.

Thanks River! I love suggestions even if i am slow to get them implemented or on those occasions when I "just say no" The more I hear the more I can understand just what little annoyances are left in the game and I can work to eliminate them.
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