A couple more keggers...

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A couple more keggers...

Postby Robc » Fri Oct 03, 2014 11:43 am

We've had a couple more keggers since I last updated the event prize list so here are the prize winning numbers as of this morning.

To win a label extension a player must sell 200 or more beers of a single label during their kegger. Here are the stats for beers sold during recent keg parties.

Scott Caledonian Aggression (1 sold)
Scott Lame Ass IPA (281 sold)
riverbottom Battle Axe Wee Heavy (2 sold)
riverbottom Puckered Up Prickly Pear (117 sold)

*1 year label extension awarded (limit 1 per label for the event)

Every player in game will earn a free label credit just for drinking 100 beers during one or more keggers throughout the event. Here are the stats so far...

ScarTron (346 beers)
riverbottom (228 beers)
Mwctiger18 (225 beers)
StoutMan (211 beers)
Subway (200 beers)
Scott (196 beers)
Clay_Henry (194 beers)
ShoreWoodBrew (177 beers)
n87 (173 beers)
Skooooooby (168 beers)

Bobbarns360 (94 beers)
waffle (94 beers)
jho (91 beers)
PaintedRat (81 beers)
PlayLucky13 (76 beers)
wayned10 (66 beers)
ConcordBeerman (62 beers)
warra48 (56 beers)
dsneedham (50 beers)
titansvol (48 beers)
Beerwench (44 beers)
M2kraus (44 beers)
TonyLamm (43 beers)
bensmithson (43 beers)
senorsantachio (41 beers)
SmallAl (37 beers)
BamaRooster (32 beers)
shakeyj (26 beers)
Roastin (13 beers)
Robc (13 beers)
Jim_Brewer (11 beers)
Ejayz (10 beers)
Tools (9 beers)
Gypsyhead (9 beers)
Orlock (1 beers)

**Free label credit awarded (limit 1 for the event)

Brew Beer, Drink Beer, Play! What else do you need to know?
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