cascadian dark ale

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cascadian dark ale

Postby riverbottom » Mon May 25, 2015 7:10 pm

this recipe is going over like hotcakes with my friends.....

6.6 # light LME
2# light DME

10 oz crystal 60
10 oz crystal 20
10 oz american special roast
10 oz belgian de-bittered black

.5 oz warrior 60 mins
1 oz chinook 40 mins
.5oz warrior 15 mins
1oz cascade 5 mins
1 oz chinook 5 mins

i debated 3 yeass for this and settled on the WLP 041 pacific ale fermented @ 70 degrees.
other options were wyeast 1272 american ale II and wyeast 1332 pacific northwest. if anyone tried these let me know the results as i will definitely be brewing this again.

O.G. 1.072
F.G. 1.018
IBU 67
alc/vol 6.7%

3.5 gallon boil
5 gallon top off in fermenter.
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Re: cascadian dark ale

Postby warra48 » Wed May 27, 2015 8:07 am

Looks good.

Although I've brewed AG for years, one of my favourite yeasts for American ales is Denny's Favourite 50.
It ticks all the boxes for me, as it allows the malt and the hops to shine through, and it's a quick clean fermenter.
Better than WY1056 which gives a much more neutral character to your beer.

Having said that, I have not used the yeasts you mentioned in recent years, so can't really remember what they bring to the beer.
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